NOTICE!!! Important Notification

Patience & Prayers Requested – UPDATED


NOTICE!!! Important Notification
Linda Stanley, LMT, MMP and Owner of Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay was unexpectedly admitted into the hospital yesterday evening/night with chest pains. We were just alerted within the past hour that Linda is going in for a heart catheter later today.

Additionally, Linda’s husband, Lynn Stanley, is scheduled on May 2nd for Open Heart Surgery.

While doctors seem optimistic regarding both operations and we anticipate that Linda and Lynn will bounce back quickly, we would all appreciate extra care and understanding during this time.

We ask our clients to please be patient with us over the next few weeks, as we do our best in the office to carryout your existing appointments with our other LMTs and/or reschedule your existing sessions for future dates when we expect Linda to back, and otherwise as we do our best to run things as smoothly as possible in Linda’s absence.

We also would like to ask prayers and well-wishes for Linda and Lynn over their surgeries, recovery, and general health, as well as for their respective families, and all of the Heaven Sent Massage staff.


Linda had a stent put in (surgery was Tuesday Morning, April 30th) and is currently doing well.
Her husband, Lynn, had open-heart surgery this morning (Thursday, May 2nd), and is doing great. He is currently in ICU where he will spend at least a few days recovering.
Due to the nature of both surgeries and the recovery-time needed, it is as-of-yet unclear as to when Linda will be returning to the office to provide Massage Therapy. We will keep everyone posted as much as possible in the meantime.
We thank all of our clients for the amazing out-pour of love and support, your prayers, and your patience and understanding.

Thank you all!

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