Temporary Business Closure

We are Temporarily Closed

We're Temporarily Closed

(UPDATED April 10th, 2020)

Due to the nature of our business of touching people and the chaos surrounding the corona-virus, and in keeping with the current recommendations and orders from the CDC, WHO, & Georgia Governor Kemp, we are temporarily closed for business. We will reopen when the state & city both allow us to, and when it is safe for our employees and clients to do so.

Wellness Program Clients:
Your cards were not charged on April 5th.
If you come in during April we will either use your Wellness Visit from March, or you will be charged at the time of your visit. Hopefully, everything will be back to normal by May.
We are going to take advantage of this time to complete the renovations to our facility and give it a thorough cleaning before reopening.
(Read More Information Regarding How We Utilize Hygienic & Sanitary Massage Therapy Practice on the Blog.)

We want to thank all our our clients for your patience, understanding, and gracious support! We continue to pray for the safety of everyone and praise God for all He is doing in our lives.

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