Esthetician Services Are Here

Kelly Meyrose, Licensed Esthetician

We would like to welcome Kelly Meyrose, LE to our Heaven Sent Team!

Kelly (AKA “The Esthetician Ninja”) earned her license in 2015 from Dalton Esthetics, after a personal experience with a skin condition her son had, as well as for her own self enrichment. Ms. Meyrose is enthralled by the in depth knowledge she has ingested – the medical side of skin care, as well as the “fluff & puff”.  She can easily remove layers of stratum corneum with a flick of the wrist, all while her client is floating on a cloud of comfort.

Kelly has been licensed in Naples, Florida, Georgia, and Tennessee. She has obtained multiple certificates and has been licensed by the medical board. She has worked in medical offices and deluxe spas. She has furthered her education in Atlanta and the Dermalogica Institute.

Services will include the Express Facial, Basic Facial, and Back Facial, as well as a Gentleman’s Facial.

Each Service will be personalized to your specific skin type and treatment goals.

Lemon Honey Facial

A brightening facial for most skin types.
Lemon Zest Enzyme and Golden Honey Nourishing Mask.

Seasonal Facial or Basic Facial – $75
Upgrade to Microdermabrasion for $90

Kelly will be available for Esthetician Services every Tuesday, and occasional Fridays and Saturdays.

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