Thankful for Massage & Bodywork

We are SO THANKFUL for Massage, & we hope that you are, too!

“‘Thank you‘ is the best prayer that anyone could say. I say that one a lot. Thank you expresses extreme gratitude, humility, and understanding.” – Alice Walker

Self Care, Healing, Connection, Community . . . There are so many benefits of, and reasons to be grateful for, Massage & Bodywork.

Below, we share 24 Reasons why we are THANKFUL for Massage Therapy.

1. Giveaways

Everyone loves a good giveaway! Not only do giveaways allow us to introduce or promote our products or services, they also allow us to spoil a lucky client even more than we usually would! It’s just one of the many ways we like to give back to our community and say “thank you” for your support of our business.


What is YOUR favorite thing about Massage Therapy?

How has Massage improved upon or added to your life?

Tell us why you are personally THANKFUL for Massage Therapy, and be entered to win a Pumpkin Spice PRODUCT Package Gift Basket that includes our new Heaven Sent Blends Products (Pumpkin Spice Scented Body Butter, Body Scrub, & Shower Gel) and other Autumn goodies – a Value over $80!

ENTER HERE November 1st, 2022 through November 23rd, 2022

Winner will be randomly selected and notified on November 23rd. Only open to persons local to Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay.

And if you are viewing this list AFTER the Giveaway is over, stay on the lookout for future Giveaways and Specials.

2. Relaxed Muscles

Relaxed muscles are happy muscles! When you’re muscles are relaxed, you likely are as well. Relaxed muscles hurt less. Relaxed muscles can improve breathing (and vice versa). Relaxed muscles can improve mental health, digestion, control stress, and anxiety and reduce symptoms of some types of chronic pain. And it is MUCH EASIER for Massage Therapists to work with relaxed muscles, which is just one of many reasons why routine sessions are so encouraged!

3. Self-Care

In a world that is always on the go and seemingly hyper-focused on being busy, yet constantly facing new stressors and challenges such as the recent COVID-19 Pandemic, self-care is of the upmost importance! Exercise, healthy eating habits, journaling, therapy sessions, a lunch with friends, regular doctor appointments, a spa day, a relaxing weekend with a good book . . . These are just a few examples of countless ways to care for yourself.

Massage is just one way to implement self-care into our regular health care. Massage is wonderful for self-care, as research suggests it is supportive of our health & wellness on ALL levels – Body, Mind, AND Spirit. Continue reading to see just some of the many ways how!

4. Decreased Pain

Bodywork can help to decrease pain in both acute conditions, as well as chronic ones. According to Harvard Health, “Therapeutic massage may relieve pain by way of several mechanisms, including relaxing painful muscles, tendons, and joints; relieving stress and anxiety; and possibly helping to “close the pain gate” by stimulating competing nerve fibers and impeding pain messages to and from the brain.” Massage also helps because it can lower cortisol levels and enhance dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin, all of which helps with pain relief.

5. Stress Relief

Similar responses in the body that aid in decreasing pain, also help in relieving stress. Especially in Swedish Massage, the flow of each application is slow and repetitive, the body is warmed and muscles softened, resulting in a relaxed feeling. The breath slows down, the heart rate lowers, and endorphins are released. The soothing instrumental music (sometimes infused with nature sounds) and calm atmosphere, along with lying still for a period of time, causes the mind and body to let go.

As client Kennedi S. states, “My favorite thing about Massage Therapy is that I literally feel like a different person afterwards. All my stresses and worries just melt away… Also it feels AMAZING!!!”

6. Better Sleep

We’re seeing a pattern here! Is it any wonder that with relaxed muscles, decreased pain, reduced stress, and the release of relaxation hormones . . . that sleep would likely improve as well?

We mentioned above that massage produces serotonin; serotonin is a precursor to the hormone melatonin that helps us to fall asleep.

As with all sleep habits, sticking to a regular routine of care is highly recommended for the best results and most consistent benefits.

7. Healing

One of the ways that Massage may aid in healing and recovery, is by promoting the stimulation of the Lymphatic System – a huge part of the Immune System, and a complement to the Circulatory System. When the Immune System & Circulatory System are functioning well, we are healthier and (able to be) more active.

Massage may also speed muscle recovery. Scientists at the Wyss Institute and Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences applied precise, repeated forces to injured mouse leg muscles and found that they recovered stronger and faster than untreated muscles, likely because the compression squeezed inflammation-causing cells out of the muscle tissue. Muscle recovery may also be likely in part to the same forces that aid in relaxed muscles, better circulation, better sleep, less stress, etc.

Massage may also promote, or play a role in, mental, emotional, and spiritual healing, through the same mechanisms that help with stress relief, improved sleep, and decreased pain. This may be furthered by the enhanced self-awareness that many gain with regular massage, the motivation towards other types of self-care, and/or through the connection with others that some feel when they receive massage.

8. CBD Lotion & Body Butters

We like that our CBD Lotion helps some clients to relax even more than they usually would during a massage. And for some, the pain- and stress-relief effects last much longer post-session.

Our Body Butters (most often used in our Spa Packages) feel luxurious and are wonderful for hydrating the skin.

Both the CBD Lotion and the Body Butters seem to relax the muscles more, and make it easier to apply deeper massage techniques without causing discomfort to the client. They are also anti-inflammatory, and as well are good to use over dry or cracked skin.

It’s very likely that we love our lotions and creams just as much as (if not more than) our clients do! Not only do they smell absolutely heavenly, they also leave our hands feeling silky smooth.

9. Essential Oils

Pain Relief, Stress Relief, Improving Sleep Quality, Soothing Muscle and Joint Pain . . . Aromatherapy complements Massage Therapy is so many ways. It’s no wonder that many Licensed Bodyworkers implement the aid of Essential Oils in their work with clients! The subtle fragrances of many Essential Oils also enhance the peaceful atmosphere of the Treatment Room or Massage Office.

We use essential oils from DoTERRA and PlantTherapy with our clients, and have their oils available for purchase in store.

NEW!!! We now have Heaven Sent Blends – Custom Essential Oil Blends made specifically for you as an individual. Consult with our Aromatherapist and purchase a Made-to-Order Blend.

10. Heated Towels, Hot Stones, Table Warmers, Blankets

When muscles are achy and stiff, and especially when the weather is cold or damp, adding Thermotherapy to a session can be extremely helpful, and it just feels wonderful. Possible benefits of Thermotherapy include increased blood flow, reduced pain, and accelerated recovery and healing, making it a strong recommendation for clients suffering from injury, chronic pain, rheumatism, or arthritis. The warmth of heat therapy also helps some clients to relax more and let go of tension.

Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay offers FREE Thermo-therapy in the form of table warmers and blankets, warmed towels, heated stones, rice hot packs, and more. We also have a table sauna available at 30 minutes for just $25!

Just ask for these services to be added in to your next session.

11. Spa Packages

Sometimes a person just needs to feel pampered, and Spa Packages are definitely the way to do that! After all, what is more indulgent than Dry Brushing, followed with being slathered in Body Body and wrapped up in a warm cocoon for 20 minutes, while receiving a scalp and foot massage, followed by a full-body massage or facial?!?! AND you receive matching Body Scrub and Shower Gel!

But Spa Packages aren’t JUST a way to spoil yourself; they have many therapeutic advantages as well, such as

  • Increased Moisturization
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Increased Circulation
  • Increased Lymph Drainage/”Detox”
  • Heightened Relaxation
  • Warmed Muscle Tissue for Massage

We are excited about Spa Packages, because not only do you feel wonderful and reap rewards, but we also get to break out of our routine to provide you with something extra.

12. Massage Chair

The Massage Chair is great for clients who don’t have time for a regular session, or for days when we’re booked solid and there’s no availability to fit in a Walk-in client. It’s also a good option for clients who may not be able to lay flat on a Massage Table, or for those who are not comfortable with a traditional massage. The Massage Chair provides 15 Minutes of a Full Body Head-to-Toe Massage that Includes a Heat Option and Foot Rollers.

We’re also thankful for the Massage Chair as it provides our employees with a quick option for self-care in-between seeing clients.

13. Mechanical Tables

Mechanical Tables are tables that move up or down with the press of a button. For clients, lowering the Massage Table before or after a session, can help in that client’s being able to more easily getting onto or off of the table. For the practitioner, raising or lowering the table can aid in maintaining proper body mechanics, and in changing the application of pressure provided for each client. On traditional Massage Tables, the height has to be changed manually before or after each session. With Mechanical Tables, the height can be adjusted as many times as needed at any time before, during, or after a session.

14. Massage Linens, & Help with the Never-Ending Laundry!

We absolutely love providing fresh, clean, hotel-quality sheets and blankets to our clients each session. A good sheet set enhances the professionalism of the massage office, and increases the relaxing ambience of the treatment room. Clients want to walk into a clean and relaxing atmosphere when they come in for a session.

However, changing out sets between each and every client (up to 20+ a day!) means an endless pile of laundry! We are extremely grateful for help in maintaining clean linens. And we are grateful for those who know how to fold a fitted sheet!

15. The Wellness Program

We believe it is important to schedule and receive Massage Therapy on a regular basis, and often recommend clients come in to see us at LEAST once a month for most conditions. Coming in more often is usually better for improving results and decreasing symptoms, and for maintaining progress. For some, though, adding in Massage Therapy to their regular self-care and health-care is beyond their budget.

We also believe that Massage Therapy should be affordable. Our Wellness Program allows clients to receive a massage each month at a discounted rate, and provides an extra incentive to schedule routine visits for consistent care.

As with most of our pricing, the Wellness Program is based upon the session LENGTH (60 Minutes or 90 Minutes), and not on session TYPE. This means that (in most cases) our clients will pay the same one month for a therapeutic massage, as they would the next month to just relax.

16. Gift Cards

Great for holidays, birthdays, anniversaries, or just as a “Thank you”, Gift Cards can make for the perfect present on their own, or added in to a package as part of a bigger gift. Gift Cards allow you to easily give back to a loved one in a way that is thoughtful and tangible. Our Cards are able to be used on a variety of services and products, and are customizable for almost any amount.

We provide electronic Gift Cards to give and receive virtually, in a variety of styles for each occasion or season.

We also provide plastic reusable Gift Cards, available for purchase in store with optional card holder or envelope. Card Holders and Envelopes available in a variety of designs to match the recipient’s personality, or the season.

Give the Gift of . . . Touch, Connection, Self-Care, Health-Care, Healing, Relaxation, Peace, Luxury, Massage

17. Helping Other Small Businesses

Providing Massage Therapy Services to the workers of a business as part of the company’s Employee Appreciation.
We are sometimes asked to provide Chair Massage to the employees of businesses such as Chic’ fil-A, or the veterinarian’s office, and we are more than happy to do so! It’s OUR pleasure to help a company in giving back to their staff.

Providing a space for other small businesses or the self-employed to work out of.
Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay works with other businesses to provide a variety of services to our clients at one convenient location. In addition to Massage Therapy, we currently offer other services, such as Acupuncture, Facials, and Permanent Hair Removal. We’re grateful for these additional services, and the wonderful people who provide them!

Purchasing services or products from a business or restaurant in town.
We enjoy occasionally going out to eat or buying from local vendors, just a much as many of the other residents do! Whether grabbing a bite from a bistro downtown, or checking out the produce stands, we understand and support the importance of buying local.

Displaying and selling artwork or products from local artists.

Our office displays the work of several talented local artists, including photography, paintings, and jewelry, all available for purchase through our office. From florals and landscapes, to beaded necklaces and earrings, our space showcases the talent, skill and artistry of this town’s inhabitants. It is our goal to display and sell even more from our city’s residents in the near future.

We are thankful for opportunities to support our city and its residents whenever and however possible!

18. Knowledgeable and Skilled Employees

We are thankful for employees who know their stuff! We do our best to stay up-to-date on the latest research and techniques to best suit our clients with the information and application they need. Many of our providers go above and beyond on their Credentials and Continuing Education hours, going out of their way to receive additional training beyond their licensing requirements. We want to provide each person who comes in with the upmost of care for their specific needs and healthcare goals. Whether it’s Massage Therapists also certified in Manual Lymphatic Drainage or Medical Massage, or a highly trained and experienced “Esthetician Ninja”, we do our best to provide you with the best!

Our Support Staff is amazing as well! They keep things up and running with scheduling, overseeing client communications, receiving & checkout, filing, laundry, and all the many other tasks that keep us operating professionally and efficiently!

Thank you!!! We are so glad that each and every one of you are on our team!

19. Variety of Techniques and Modalities

We’re grateful that this career allows us to treat each client that comes in as a unique person, with unique wants, needs, and goals for their session. All of our Massage Therapists have been trained in a variety of Techniques and Modalities to better suit the individual. Examples of different methods include the amount of pressure provided, Incorporating Aromatherapy or Heat-Therapy, Relaxation versus Therapeutic Massage, similar services such as Reflexology and Spa Packages, and complimentary approaches, such as CranioSacral Therapy or Manual Lymphatic Drainage.

20. Availability of Complimentary Services

While our Licensed Massage Therapists provide a wide variety of treatment options, we also have other skilled practitioners available with compatible Services including Acupuncture, Electrolysis Permanent Hair Removal, and Facials/Esthetics. More options mean better customization in care depending on your personal objectives.

21. Ability to Serve

Ask almost any practicing or aspiring Massage Therapist why they want to do what they do, and you’ll most likely always hear, “to help people.” Most mean helping people in decreasing, alleviating, or managing pain symptoms. Yet helping others extends to many other avenues of life.

Owning a business in a small-ish North Georgia Town (where practically everybody knows everybody) offers opportunities to serve the community and its individual residents in ways that larger corporations in bigger cities may not have. Our Thanksgiving Food Drive donations for Ellijay Food Bank is just one example. Others include offering free products or services for a limited time, recognizing others through giveaways and gift baskets, raising funds for a family in need, or sharing information and resources with others.

Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay believes in serving others and giving back wherever possible.

22. Connection

It is a blessing to be there for others, to help others in feeling seen, heard, respected and acknowledged. We live in a world where true connection is scarce. It is our aim to always be client-centered. To many clients, we have offered a listening ear. With others, understanding of their conditions and what they are going through. Some clients may be in a season of life where the only physical connection they receive is though their time on the massage table. Still others, strong bonds and friendships have formed during many visits over several years.

It is with the upmost of gratitude and appreciation that we acknowledge the gift of being able to connect with others during their sessions and through safe touch.

23. Community

Being a Massage Therapist allows us to meet so many different members of the community, of all ages and from all walks of life. From our youngest clients under 10 years old, to those in their 90s! Couples, Mothers and Daughters, old Sorority Sisters, visitors from out-of-state . . .and even some furry friends! It has allowed us to participate with the Gilmer Chamber, with the Harrison Park Trick or Treat, and so many other organizations and events. As stated previously, it has provided us ways to connect and serve with others, to encourage and support, that we would not have been able to do otherwise. We have made friends and built a family, and the community just grows more and more by the year. We have lost some, we gained some . . .But through it all, we have given, and we have loved.

Thank you.


We are SO thankful for Clients like you!

This Thanksgiving, we would like to express our extreme gratitude for your support, encouragement, and loyal patronage throughout the year. Your faith in our company is what drives us forward.

Thank you for choosing us.

May your Thanksgiving be full of peace, love, & joy!

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Happy Thanksgiving!

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