Christmas Holiday Gift Giving Guide 2022

“True Giving from the heart is an expression of love.”
– Cara Stein

Find gift recommendations here! There’s something for almost everyone on your list.

With even more products and services recently added, it’s even easier to find gifts suitable for all your loved ones!

Count down to Christmas with our favorites.

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1. Appeal to Their Senses with Essential Oils

Essential Oils and Diffuser Necklace

We carry a wide variety of Essential Oils from Plant Therapy, including many Winter Favorites, such as Clove, Eucalyptus, Myrrh, Pink Grapefruit, Vanilla, Wintergreen, and Spearmint, and many others! Essential Oils make a great gift on their own, or paired with other items mentioned in this list.

Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay carries a variety of Essential Oils from Plant Therapy.

We now also offer custom blending with Heaven Sent Blends by Linda, available in roll-ons, lotions, creams, butters, scrubs, salves, and sprays. If you are wanting custom blends for gift-giving, please get with Linda by December 15th at the latest to have them holiday ready.

2. Melt Away Holiday Stress with Acupuncture

Seasonal Allergies or Holiday Stress got a loved one feeling miserable? Help them to Relax and Renew with an introduction to Acupuncture. A great compliment to massage, yoga, and chiropractic.

Acupuncture works by regulating the nervous system which helps to alleviate physical symptoms associated with stress. With the application of acupuncture needles, the central nervous system becomes stimulated and releases endorphins and other chemicals that lifts the mood. This will lead to less anxiety and a more positive mindset!

3. Adorn Them in Beaded Jewelry

Handcrafted Beaded Necklace against Poinsettia Background

Perfect for the expressive, creative, fashionable, or unique individual. We carry one-of-a-kind handcrafted beaded bracelets, necklaces, and earrings, in several colors and styles suitable for any taste. Made with love and care by a local artist and crafter, ready to wear.

4. Butter Them Up with Body Butter, Scrub, & Shower Gel

Java Rejuvenation Body Butter and Body Wash

Winter Weather can leave skin dry and cracked, or looking dull. Exfoliate, restore moisture and heal skin with our new line of luxurious Body Butters and Scrubs. We also have matching Shower Gels. They’ll feel pampered and spoiled!

5. Calm Them with CBD Gummies & Products

Seasonal changes and holiday stress can increase anxiety, muscle tension, and make relaxation difficult. For some, our R&R CBD gummies & other products may be helpful.

Your furry friends can get anxiety relief as well, with CBD oil made especially for cats and dogs.

6. Share the Love with a Couple’s Session

Couples Treatment Room with Seasonal Decor and Fireplace

Nice for Newlyweds, or any couple who want a little quality time while on the massage table. Schedule for you & your significant other, or another pair who could benefit from some quality time. Our Couple’s treatment room includes floral arrangements, ambient lighting from flameless candles and an electric fireplace, relaxing instrumentals, and a cozy rug for a romantic and peaceful atmosphere. We also have table warmers, warmed towels, and heated stones, if desired.

7. Dress Up the Season with Diffuser Necklaces

Let them wear their aromatherapy. A beautiful & unique gift any jewelry lover will adore – Stainless Steel Diffuser Necklaces come in several designs, and include a soft felt pad insert for adding drops of their favorite essential oils.

8. They’ll Snuggle Up with Diffuser Plushes

And don’t forget about the children (or the kids at heart!). We carry Diffuser Plush Pals and Clips from Plant Therapy in three styles to choose from – Birch Bear, Briar Bunny, or Flora Fox. These adorable stuffed animals are an easy way to passively diffuse essential oils and benefit from aromatherapy wherever you take them. Each Diffuser comes with matching Essential Oil to get you started.

9. Book Them a Facial

They’ll feel well taken care of with a lovely indulgent facial, customized to their specific skincare needs.

10. Purchase a Gift Card

Gift Cards and Seasonal Envelopes

Gift cards are a great gift on their own, or as part of a bigger package. Our gift cards can be loaded with any amount and are reloadable. As well, they can be used towards any massage service, as well as many of our other services and products. All gift cards come with an envelope – choose from several colors and seasonal designs. We also have eCards in a variety of styles, for your convenience.

11. Adorn Their Space with Original Artwork

We currently have artwork on display from a few of our local artists. Choose from lovely florals, abstract nature images, and homey landscapes. Painted in acrylics on ready-to-hang stretched canvas, these lovely artworks would make a lovely addition to any home or space.

Spa Packages - Body Butter, Body Scrub, Dry Brush, etc.

12. Pamper Them with a Spa Package

Both Relaxing AND Therapeutic, the Benefits of these New Treatment Options Include, but aren’t limited to:

  • Increased Moisturization
  • Gentle Exfoliation
  • Increased Circulation
  • Increased Lymph Drainage/”Detox”
  • Heightened Relaxation
  • Warmed Muscle Tissue for Massage

13. The Quintessential Heaven Sent Gift!

And speaking of Spa Packages . . . Give them the absolute best we have to offer with a Gift Card towards our Ultimate Pamper Me, Please Package with Signature Facial. This package includes dry brushing of the body with a loofah or dry brush, followed by a Body Butter Wrap. While in the wrap, the client receives a scalp and facial massage, followed by a Signature Facial. The recipient also is given the remainder of their Body Butter, along with Body Scrub and Shower in matching scent to take home!

14. Don’t Forget the Card!

We have a lovely assortment of beautifully handmade, one-of-a-kind holiday greeting cards, complete with envelope. Write a personalized note inside for a sentimental keepsake they will treasure for years to come.

Homemade Christmas and Holiday Cards

This year, Give the Gifts of touch, healing, peace, relaxation, self-care, health-care, art, beauty, luxury, connection, Massage & Bodywork.


Additional Ideas

Below, we continue the countdown by sharing additional ideas from local businesses,
along with our recommendations for which products or services to pair them with.

15. For the Caffeine Addict –

Get them a Gift Card to Ellijay Coffee House, along with one of their new Travel Mugs, both purchased in store only.
Pair with our Java Rejuvenation Body Butter, Scrub, and/or Shower Gel, or with Plant Therapy Coffee Essential Oil.

16. For the Fragrance Enthusiast –

Pick up some smell-good natural soaps, bath bombs, milk baths, and more from Green Willow Soap.
Pair with any of our Body Butters, Scrubs, and/or Shower Gels. Or gift with Essential Oil and Diffuser Necklace.

17. For the Book Lover –

Help them discover their new favorite read with a purchase or two (or five, or a hundred!) from Walls of Books Ellijay.
Fulfill their desire for escapism by pairing with a Gift Card towards a Relaxing Swedish Massage.

18. For the Yogi –

They’ll bend over backwards with joy when you schedule them a class at Yoga Over Blue Ridge.
Increase their feelings of Zen by pairing with a session of Acupuncture.

19. For the Chocoholic –

They’ll relish the decadence of Fudge and Company‘s truffles, fudges, and other treats.
Continue the indulgent experience by pairing with a session for a Signature Facial.

20. For Her – A Floral Arrangement

Commemorate the Season with “The Snowball” Bouquet from Ellijay Florist & Gifts. Include Stuffed Animal and a Box of Chocolates.
Pair with Original Handcrafted Beaded Jewelry.

21. For Him –

Appeal to his masculine side with Metal Art and Leather Goods from Artful Ellijay.
Then spoil him by pairing with a Facial for Him, time in the Massage Chair, and/or a session on the table Sauna.

22. For Both of You –

Take a Holiday Staycation at one of the many Cabin Rentals. Take in the views. Relax in a hot tub. Wine & Dine at The Roof of Ellijay.
Pair with a Couple’s Session, scheduled in office or at your cabin.

23. For the Kids – Hot Cocoa and Christmas Lights

Share in the Fun and Magic of the Season with a 2 Mile Drive-Thru Christmas Light Show at Holiday Lights at Veteran’s Park.
Pair with an Aromatherapy Plush Pal.

24. ALSO For the Kids – A Ride on The Holiday Express

“Join the Blue Ridge Scenic Railway for a festive 1-hour train ride on the Holiday Express in which you can listen to holiday music, hear the story ‘The Night Before Christmas,’ & enjoy delicious hot chocolate or other snacks available for sale inside the concession car.”
Pair with an Aromatherapy Plush Pal.

25. For the Entire Family – Ice Skating in Blue Ridge

Share in FUN! and Togetherness with Blue Ridge on Ice.
Pair with Wonderful Memories and Quality Time with Family.

We hope you were inspired by our 2022 Gift Ideas.

Wishing you all a Very Merry Christmas, Blessed Holiday Season,
& a Happy New Year!

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