BLOOM Where You are Planted

Blooming is the beautiful process of growing and becoming. The expression “bloom where you are planted” means taking advantage of the opportunities we have in life, making the best of where we’re at, and being grateful for our present situation, regardless of what it may look like or feel like.

Below, we expand on how to grow wherever you find yourself. 

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Accept Where You Are

Be careful not to get caught up in destination addiction – the idea that you’ll be happier if a certain thing happens, or that the future is where you will be successful. You can be happy and successful now. Leave behind all expectations of what life should be like, and recognize all that you already have and all that you are already doing. Open your eyes by practicing mindfulness and gratitude, and by acknowledging where you’re at and how far you have already come. There is likely so much that you have already accomplished, much you are already doing, ways that you are already an asset or a blessing. And each day, everything you are doing and choosing is moving you closer to where you want to be. So enjoy the lessons, skills, growth and opportunities you are experiencing, the connections you are making, and view it all as preparation for more.

Determine to Grow

Too many people find themselves stagnant (and perhaps frustrated or bitter, as well) because they are not motivated or disciplined to move forward. Yet is has been found that the key to activating inspiration is to just get started! The simple behavior of beginning is sometimes enough momentum to continue on. So rather than waiting until you feel like doing something, or waiting until some outside force triggers you towards action, just make up your mind to initiate effort. Once you get going on something, you’ll be more likely to continue. And the more you accomplish, the more you will gain ideas and progress to keep going.

Tried that and still struggling?

• Utilize posters or mood boards to remind you of what you’re working towards. Repeat a mantra that you find especially motivating.

• Try scheduling a set time each day to work on whatever you need to (i.e. 2p.m. every Monday and Tuesday, for at least 2 hours).

• Set short-term goals towards growth (i.e. A 30 minute walk every afternoon, reading one chapter of a book each evening, writing one paragraph of your blog every Friday).

• Reward yourself in a positive and tangible way every time you hit a goal or specific landmark of progress – a favorite meal, a movie with a friend, or a small purhase.

• Don’t give up! Some days (or weeks, or months, or years) are easier than others, and some seasons are filled with more inspiration than others. It’s okay! Just get up and keep going! Slow movement is still movement, and any progress, no matter how “small” is valid and worth celebrating.

Utilize Your Gifts

Everyone has a skillset of individual gifts and talents that they have either acquired over time or was naturally born with. Wherever you are, in whatever you do, utilize these gifts to the best of your ability, in any way you can. You have abilities to bring to the table that your coworkers, friends, or others around you may not have – the way you look at things or approach ideas may be just what your workplace or community needs. Use whatever tools you have within you to do the best work possible. You may just open up new ideas that will profit the company or make the job more efficient, or that may bring a new resource, product, or service to your neighborhood. So try new things, speak up, discuss solutions or ideas with those around you. Your competency & capability is valuable.

“Bloom beautifully dangerously loudly.
Bloom softly, however you need.
Just bloom.”

– Rupi Kaur

Optimize Your Space

It’s difficult to bloom in an environment that is not conducive to growth, so wherever you are able, optimize your space for work and creativity. If you have your own office or desk, arrange things in a way that motivates you and that helps you perform at your best. You may surround yourself with items that spark creativity or imagination, or with colors that are stimulating, posters that are motivating. Organize and streamline where you can to increase productivity. Also make sure you are comfortable in your workspace, that you are able to move around when needed, and that your environment is as distraction-free as possible.

Other things to consider may include:

• Allowing plenty of table space

• Comfortable and ergonomic seating

• Windows and/or soft lighting

• Plants and artwork

• Airflow and temperature

• Water/hydration

• Personal touches

Optimizing your space should carry into other areas as well, such as your car and your home. Having spaces that are conducive to both function and comfort increases our positivity, productivity, health and wellness, and allows us opportunity to flourish.

Commit to Self-Care

We wouldn’t expect a plant to grow and bloom well without providing it sunlight, water, plant food, and a large enough spot for it’s roots to grow. Neither should we expect to grow and do our best without caring for ourselves. It’s important, vital even, to get enough rest, movement, food, and hydration. It’s equally important to allow ourselves space and time for both peace and alone time, and for hobbies, interests and fun. When our lives feel full, we are able to blossom more fully as well.

For More Information and Tips read Resolve to Relax & Renew

“Always leave behind a garden.”
– Toni Orill

Don’t Compete

“A flower blooms for its own joy.” – Oscar Wilde 

Flowers don’t pay attention to what’s growing around them. They just grow. 

Likewise, do your best to do your own thing without focusing on what anyone else is – or isn’t – doing. Don’t let what someone else is doing irritate you or bring you down; maintain your peace and focus. You also shouldn’t compete with the person you were yesterday or a year ago. We grow, we change, we adapt. And we also have days and seasons where our progress is more noticeable than others. Have your goals and tasks in mind, and stick with them. Don’t compete, and don’t compare. Wherever you’re at in your journey, you’re not ahead or behind; you just are where you are.

Distance Yourself

Just as we wouldn’t expect a flower to bloom when it’s been drowned in water, or surrounded by weeds, neither can we be expected to flourish when we are bombarded by tasks, overwhelmed, or in bad company. So do your best to stay away from chores or assignments that aren’t necessary or that keep you from being productive elsewhere. And stay away from any nay-sayers or persons you just feel overwhelmed by. Keep to yourself, if needed. Be kind and friendly, but spend the majority of the time committed to your work and progress. Or better yet, surround yourself with individuals who encourage you and believe in you, as well as those who are like-minded and success focused, those who are discussing ideas and plans, those who are moving forward or already successful. Being connected to others who are blooming will bring support, encouragement and inspiration to you.

Help Others to Bloom 

What we sow, we reap. When we give, we get back. Helping others enables us to grow in kindness, gentleness, compassion, patience, forgiveness, and empathy. It also has the ability to enlighten us to any areas where we need to focus and work more on ourselves. Additionally, helping others takes what we have learned, and gives it back.

“Be patient with yourself. Nothing in nature blooms all year.

Sometimes when it feels like we’ve been buried, we have actually been planted. Be patient, appreciate where you are, and take the opportunity to bloom with confidence and grace. Trust that you are where you are meant to be.

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(As always, please check with your physician before starting any new exercise routines, supplements/vitamins, or diets.)

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