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|What is CBD-Infused Massage?

CBD Massage is the same as a typical massage, except that it incorporates a massage cream, lotion or oil that has been infused with a CBD tincture.

 is a Non-Psychoactive and Anti-inflammatory agent that is found in the hemp plant, derived from the plant’s leaves and flowers. This active hemp or CBD oil—also known as the ‘whole plant extract’— provides amazing benefits without altering one’s mental state. This active is applied topically and, along with other advantages, may increase the relief of local pain and inflammation.

CBD oil may also have very low and insignificant levels of THC. The tincture we use here at Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay contains trace amounts of THC – in 0.2%, which is below the legal limit of 0.3%. This amount of THC, while enough to increase the benefits of the CBD, is not enough to cause a high, and when applied topically, does not cross the blood-brain barrier. [More on that, Here.]

While you may already know the many various benefits of a typical relaxation or therapeutic massage, you may not know how a CBD Infused Massage can enhance and compliment these benefits.

Benefits of CBD Massage | CBD Infused Massage |Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Massage Therapy | Ellijay, GA


|Benefits of CBD Infused Massage

CBD Oil has similar benefits as traditional Swedish (Relaxation) Massage, including the increase of relaxation and the decrease of tightness, tension and pain. A natural anti-inflammatory, CBD Oil can potentially aid in relieving chronic pain, headaches, migraines, back pain, muscular pain, and more! By reducing pain and inflammation in the muscles, the therapist is able to work more deeply and effectively.

Additionally, many clients report an enhanced feeling of relaxation when CBD Oil is added to their massage. Clients often feel as though each stroke of the massage “lingers”, creating a heightened sense of relaxation that, for some, may last several hours after  a session or even days after their visit.

Other potential benefits to CBD Oil include relief from insomnia, stress and anxiety, decrease of arthritis pain, lowering blood pressure, increasing circulation, and acting as an analgesic.


|Our Mixture Also Provides the Benefits of Aromatherapy

Benefits of CBD Massage | CBD Infused Massage |Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Massage Therapy | Ellijay, GABecause most CBD tinctures have a musty smell, our infused lotion also contains your choice of either Lemongrass Essential Oil or Spearmint Essential Oil. The Benefits of both of these essential oils serve to both compliment and enhance the effects of the CBD tincture, including relieving stress and acting as a pain reliever.

(Read more about the benefits of Lemongrass Essential Oil Here,
and Spearmint Essential Oil Here. – Source, Healthline)


|The Bottom Line

If you’re looking for relief from chronic pain, stress & anxiety, and/or looking to heighten relaxation, a CBD Infused Massage may be just what you need.

Ask for CBD Massage to be Infused into YOUR Next Session!

Provided as a $20 Add-On to Any Relaxation or Therapeutic Massage.
View Our Other Services Here.

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Help Us In Welcoming Our New Providers!

We are proud to announce that three new providers have recently joined our established team of Licensed Massage Therapists. It is with great pleasure that we welcome to our company Chrystal Hamby, LMT; Angi Arscott, LMT; and Leila Heath, LMT – all graduates of Cohutta Healing Arts Institute located in Downtown Elliay. Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay continues to increase our network of providers and services to better serve you.

Several of you have already had appointments with our newest members and have reported great feedback regarding their professionalism and skill level. We expect that having these exceptional women in our group will allow for easier scheduling and an even greater opportunity for personalized treatments to assist you with your treatment goals.

You may click on “Our Therapists” to read a short bio on each of these new additions.
Appointments with our new Providers may be made by clicking on “Schedule” or by calling our office to set up a time for your visit.

We are very excited to have these wonderful ladies on board with us!

Body Sense Magazine - Spring 2019
“Welcome to Body Sense magazine, ABMP’s digital magazine for health-conscious consumers. Body Sense magazine is designed to educate consumers on the lasting benefits of frequent massage and bodywork and the value of good stress management. This beautiful publication is published by the editorial team of Associated Bodywork & Massage Professionals.

Body Sense blends features on a variety of massage therapy modalities with tips for healthy living. Readers emerge with a better understanding of bodywork, inspired to book another session. The Body Sense philosophy considers massage therapy an integral facet of a healthy lifestyle, not just an indulgence…”

Body Sense Magazine - Spring 2019

Spring 2019

This new issue is jam-packed with 15 pages of information on Reflexology, TMJ Disorder, Trapezius Stretching, Setting Massage Goals, & Much More!
Because Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay is dedicated to our clients and keeping you informed, we would like to share this new issue with you! Take a look at this amazing publication, and find it and other great information for clients on the Resources Tab of our website.
Spring Break Refresher | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Spring Break Refresher

No Spring Break Planned? No Problem!

Come In & Enjoy Our NEW

One-Hour Relaxation Session – Just $65
90-Minute Relaxation Session – Just $95
Two-Hour Relaxation Session – Just $125
(Beginning April 1st, 2019 – Available for a Limited Time Only)

Let Us Help YOU to “Get Away from It All” with a 60 – 120 Minute “Staycation” of Pampering & Relaxation! Enjoy the feel of some time at the Beach during your next massage!


This limited-time, limited-availability Spring Break Refresher Session Includes:

  • A cute and relaxing “Beach-Themed” Treatment Room –
    Enjoy the feel of Soft Warm “Fuzzy” Blankets, Sea Shell & Ocean Inspired Decor, and even a cute little Blue Sand Zen Garden to help you feel as though you have “escaped” to a mini trip on the beach!
  • “Mojito” Aromatherapy Essential Oil Blend –
    Applied Topically during your massage session, this aromatherapy blend combines Spearmint, Lime, Grapefruit, & Citrus Essential Oils to assist you in feeling refreshed and rejuvenated. The uplifting scent of this Spring & Summer blend is ideal for reducing stress & anxiety. It helps to promote mental clarity and increase energy & focus. This blend will make you feel like you’re on the beach, sipping a tropical drink while soaking up the sun. Who isn’t ready for that?!
  • Warm Heating Blanket… –
    . . . and cooling fan.
    The atmosphere of hot sun and the breeze off the ocean is brought into the treatment room for your session. While the heating blanket is turned up to help relieve tired and achy muscles, the breeze from the fan aides in keeping you cool and relaxed.
  • Himalayan Salt Stone Massage –
    Warmed Himalayan Salt Stones are incorporated into your relaxation as an extension of the massage therapist’s hand. These stones integrate heat therapy, salt therapy, and the benefits of Swedish massage to aid in relaxation, increased circulation, reduced inflammation, improved sleep, and an overall feeling of well-being.


Relax, Unwind… and Rejuvenate … Enjoy a mini-escape without leaving town.
Schedule YOUR Appointment Today to get in on this Special Session while it lasts!

(Be sure to ask for the Spring Break Refresher when Scheduling!)

Mojito Citrus Essential Oil Blend | Aromatherapy | Spring Break Refresher

😄 – You mean a lot to us!!!

Client's Day | Thankful for our clients | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

In honor of Client’s Day we would like to take this moment to express our gratitude and appreciation for all of our amazing Clients!

Because of each of you, we have been able to have a successful four years in business! We have also had the opportunity of relocating to a new facility – this means more therapists, more treatment rooms and treatment options, better parking, a nicer waiting area, and other ways of better serving YOU.
Join Us & the Gilmer Chamber for our Official Ribbon Cutting at 4:30 PM. Enjoy cake and other refreshments. Receive Door Prizes. And Enter to win our Grand Prize –
A FREE Year of Membership to our Wellness Program (A Value of Over $540)!!!

We strive for excellence in providing every member of the community we serve with a safe, peaceful and professional establishment, and the means in which every individual may relax, unwind, & find health for mind, body, & soul.

Our success would not be possible without the support and loyalty of our community, and of each and every client we have had the pleasure of treating over the years. As we continue to make our way through 2019 with you, our most important mission will continue to be serving you with the upmost in Professionalism, Quality Care, and remaining Client-Centered.

Thank you!

And we hope to see you again soon!

You’re In Luck!


You’re in luck!

Several openings are still available this coming week [Mar. 18th – 23rd] for Therapeutic & Relaxation Massage, with at least two slots still open for a couple’s session!

SCHEDULE your appointment now, while you still can!


Feeling Lucky or Luckier? Get Lucky Now
(Also, stop in this week to view the new line of Essential Oils and Diffuser Necklaces we just got in, including the “Lucky” & “Luckier” Fragrance Blends from Plant Therapy!)

Massage & the Brain

– “Brain Massage?” –

Massage for the Brain | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540
During a deep tissue massage, receptors in the skin and muscles are stimulated and send signals to different areas in the brain. When the brain receives these signals, neurotransmitters and proteins are released to benefit the endocrine, nervous, and immune systems.

Massage promotes the release of Serotonin (a neurotransmitter that regulates mood, hunger and sleep, while promoting an over-all sense of well-being and contentment) and other chemicals such as Dopamine (associated with the reward center of the brain) and Oxytocin (the “love hormone” that is also released when receiving a hug or other gentle, warm touch).

At the same time, Cortisol (the stress hormone responsible for the fight-or flight response) is lowered, reducing the physiological effects of stress, enhancing wound healing, and increasing immunity to viruses.

Massage isn’t only great for the body; it’s just as powerful for the mind too!

Brain Awareness Week is March 11th – 17th

Schedule a Session with us this week to celebrate the brain, and the amazing benefits that bodywork has on it!

Open House & Grand Opening | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Open House & Ribbon Cutting

Gold Confetti Banner

You’re Invited!

We would like to invite
the Community of Gilmer County, GA 
to join us for our

Open House & Ribbon Cutting

on March 28th, 2019
from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM
Official Ribbon Cutting to be held at 4:30 PM

Join Us as we celebrate the growth of our business,
the opening of our new location,
and our gratitude towards our amazing clients & community.

There will be Celebratory Cake & Refreshments

Door Prizes with a GRAND PRIZE of 
One-Year FREE Membership to our Wellness Program 
(A Value of More Than $540!!!)

We hope to see you there!

Gold Confetti Banner

Couples Treatment Room | Couples Massage | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Valentine Special for Couples

❤️❤️❤️VALENTINE SPECIAL!!!❤️❤️❤️

💝 Looking for a last minute gift for that amazing someone in your life…? 💝

Our $100 Couple’s Special is back through the end of February! 💆🏻 💆🏻‍♂️

Come enjoy a Relaxing Massage Session for Two in our (NEW!!!) Couple’s Treatment Room! Receive a 1-Hour Massage Session for Just $100 (a $20 Savings)!

Schedule Now while Openings are Still Available!!!

At our NEW LOCATION at 9 Russell Drive Suite 105 in Ellijay!

And as Always, we have Holiday eCards Available for Purchase – Share the Gift of Massage with someone you love!

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