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Valentine Special for Couples

❤️❤️❤️VALENTINE SPECIAL!!!❤️❤️❤️

💝 Looking for a last minute gift for that amazing someone in your life…? 💝

Our $100 Couple’s Special is back through the end of February! 💆🏻 💆🏻‍♂️

Come enjoy a Relaxing Massage Session for Two in our (NEW!!!) Couple’s Treatment Room! Receive a 1-Hour Massage Session for Just $100 (a $20 Savings)!

Schedule Now while Openings are Still Available!!!

At our NEW LOCATION at 9 Russell Drive Suite 105 in Ellijay!

And as Always, we have Holiday eCards Available for Purchase – Share the Gift of Massage with someone you love!

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Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540


Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay is excited to report that we will have some big changes coming soon to our business!

We will be harder at work over the next few weeks with these changes, and we are almost ready to share it with you and the rest of the community of Ellijay, GA! We will be making a full announcement next week, so keep an eye out on our website for the update!


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Your Winter Warmup: Warm Up This Winter Season & Relax with Massage

This time of year in the North Georgia Mountains often brings with it icy-cold freezing temperatures and harsh winds. Lower temperatures, increased humidity, and chilly breezes can leave skin feeling cracked and dry, while persuading you to stay layered and snug! Indeed,we have had some below-freezing temperatures as of late! The Holidays can also bring with it added business and stress that may leave you feeling ragged andanything less than “cheery”.

Stay warm and relax this Holiday Season with Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay! These Add-On Services & Special Offers are sure to warm-up and enhance your Winter!!!

  • Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment – Cold Hands, Warm Heart? Perhaps… But we would understand if you’re still looking to warm up your hands and soothe cracking and drying skin this season… Our Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment can help do just that. Dip your hands into a warmed Lavender Paraffin Wax Bath. Hands are dipped several times to form a warmed layer, then placed into gloves to hold the heat. After the wax is cooled, the gloves and paraffin are removed, leaving skin silky soft and feeling amazing! Also great for tired and achy or arthritic hands!

         Just $15 as an Add-On Service to your Regularly Scheduled Session.

  • Warm Blankets – Table warmers and/or extra blankets make your session feel extra snug and comfy. The added weight of an extra blanket may also aid in reducing stress and facilitating feelings of calm and relaxation. It only helps that our blankets are often soft and fluffy!
  • Heat Packs – Got cold feet about visiting family this Christmas? If heated blankets just aren’t enough to warm chilly fingers or toes, ask about adding a heat pack, as a free Add-On to your Session! Beaded Cloth Heat Packs are warmed for a few minutes, and then placed in hands and/or at the feet to provide feelings of warmth and relaxation. May also be placed on the low back to soothe tense muscles and relieve muscle aches.
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils such as cinnamon, clove and peppermint are said to have such benefits as reducing pain, relieving stress and increasing circulation. Scents such as Citrus can increase feelings of joy and peace while increasing alertness and concentration. These fragrances, lightly combined and diffused into the air, provide a wonderful Holiday atmosphere. Applied topically, they may benefit in complimenting and enhancing the effects of your massage.
  • Increased Circulation – Warm up your muscles and feel relaxed with a deep-tissue or Swedish massage.

Holiday Special - Couples Massage | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

  • Couple’s Special – What better way to feel the love and spread the Joy of the Season?Couples Receive a One-Hour Massage Session for just $100! That’s a $20 Savings! Relax and Unwind with your favorite person this Holiday Season!
  • Share the Warmth of the Season with Holiday Gift Certificates – Give the Gift of Massage! Perfect as a stocking-stuffer or tucked among tree branches, it’s the perfect gift to give this holiday season! Purchase in-office during business hours, now through December 31st!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

Christmas Ornament



(**Specials and Offers valid at Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay only. Not to be combined with the Wellness Program or any other discount or Offer. Prices subject to change. Take advantage of these Add-On Services and Offers while they last!) 

Holiday Christmas Gift Certificates Available | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Holiday Special & Gift Certificates

*Holiday Special –
Now through December 31st!


Couples receive a One-Hour Massage Session
for just $100!

Relax and Unwind this Holiday Season
with a Comforting Swedish Massage for Two!

Enjoy peaceful music and gentle deep tissue massage as subtle scents of the season diffuse through the air. Beat the Holiday stress with your favorite person while this special runs through the end of the month.

Schedule Your Session Now!

(Please Note: Couples will be in separate rooms as our accommodations do not currently fit two massage tables into one room.)

Holiday Gift Certificates are also Available!* –

Holiday Christmas Gift Certificates Available | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

Give the Gift of Massage!
Perfect as a stocking-stuffer or tucked among tree branches, it’s the perfect gift to give this holiday season! Purchase in-office during business hours, now through December 31st!
OR use the link on this page to purchase an eGift Card for any session.

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!!!

*Offers & Specials not to be combined with the Wellness Program or any other Discount or Offer.

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Heaven Sent Massage Boasts CHAI Grads

CHAI Graduates Stay Close to home

Many clients of Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay are aware of the massage school located within the same building. Attending Cohutta Healing Arts Institute often goes beyond just learning and receiving instruction in anatomy & physiology, massage techniques, and therapeutic application. Friendships are formed, professional relationships are built, and the school becomes much like a second home – students, graduates, and instructors form bonds based upon knowledge, skill, and similar specialties and interests and become a kind of family. After students graduate from the school, they often return to assist and volunteer in classes with new students – aiding with instruction, offering tips and advice on technique, sharing their personal experience(s) as professionals, and sitting in as “bodies” for the purpose of massage practice and clinic days. Some students may even find the opportunity to be employed by the school upon becoming licensed or find careers in nearby locations where they can have the ability to drop-in to the school often.

Massage Providers | Massage Therapists | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay, Georgia GACHAI Graduates Find Careers with Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay

For several graduates, a career as a licensed professional was not too far away. Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay is delighted to have many of CHAI’s graduates now working as providers in its office. Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay was founded three years ago by prior CHAI graduate, and current CHAI Clinic Director, Linda Stanley, LMT, MMP. Steadily building up its positive reputation through the incorporation of knowledgeable session planning, client-centered treatment and skillful care that is imparted upon all CHAI students, Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay has consistently grown in its client-base and its number of referrals to the practice. With this growth, Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay has steadily recruited several CHAI graduates as licensed practitioners within the practice; at the time of this article, Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay enthusiastically boasts a total of seven CHAI graduates as licensed massage therapists available to its clients.

“To provide therapists to fill the extended schedule of Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay, I chose to invite several CHAI graduates to join our practice. I know their skill level and feel very confident entrusting my current and future clients to their care.“
(Linda Stanley, LMT, MMP, Owner of Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay, recent CHAI graduate, & Current CHAI Clinic Director)

“I feel very valued and appreciated [to be working with Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay]; it’s like being a part of a family.” (Chasity Green, LMT)

Extensive Training Prepares Graduates for Future Practice

CHAI graduates of the Massage Therapy Certification Program complete an extensive syllabus of study that surpasses state requirements, giving its students 755 hours of instruction and hands-on learning. The North Georgia massage school’s 100% Pass Rate for the licensing exam is a tremendous affirmation of both the quality instruction and the caliber of students that have graduated from the program. CHAI graduates are employed at spas, massage centers and chiropractic offices across North Georgia, and are equipped with extensive knowledge in both Relaxation and Therapeutic techniques and are able to provide such treatments as Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, Trigger Point Therapy, Myofascial Release, Reflexology, assistance with stretching, and more.

Massage - Self Care | Summer-ize Your Self-Care | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay, Georgia GA

Summer-ize your Self-Care

Why is Self-Care so important?

Summer Self-Care Tips | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia GA 30540Self-care is about so much more than just indulging in pleasurable activities; consistent self-care is important for preventing injuries, strengthening areas of weakness, and maintaining strength and resilience. True self-care recharges our personal batteries and promotes health and wellness in our entire being.

When it comes to massage therapy, the role of self-care often has the profit of complimenting, enhancing, and even prolonging massage benefits. Hydrotherapy after a therapeutic session can aid muscles in relaxing, and can reduce inflammation and discomfort in an area. Muscles that have been relaxed during a Swedish massage can become more relaxed post-session when you take the time for a calming Epsom Salt bath, or when you incorporate deep-breathing exercises into your day. Functionally short muscles that have been lengthened during a therapeutic session can further be lengthened (or maintain lengthening) through isolated stretching and/or through yoga sessions where the stretch is held for at least 90 seconds.

And likewise, massage therapy can compliment or enhance your other self-care practices. De-stressing exercises can be benefited further by taking the time for a Swedish session. Yoga stretches can be enhanced when your massage therapist works with you to lengthen tight and shortened muscles. Self-care goals such as “Be kind to yourself”, “Find time to unwind and relax at least one day each week”, “Focus on the positive”, etc… can easily be incorporated into your Summer by scheduling a massage session.

Blue Teal Dot
How can you incorporate self-care into your Summer?

If you are looking to be more proactive in your health and well-being, we can help.
These 15 ideas for self-care can assist you in getting started.

  1. Plan at least one day each month to do nothing but relax.
  2. Whatever was bothering you last month, let it go.
  3. Do something you have been putting off for a while.
  4. Do one thing that makes you feel grounded or “blissed out”.
  5. Do something to pamper yourself.
  6. Wear sunscreen. Then, go outside and spend time with nature.
  7. Drink More Water.
  8. Introduce more fruits and vegetables into your meals.
  9. Use a calendar or a planner to schedule some intentional “me time.”
  10. Lay down somewhere on your back for five minutes (or more), and just focus on deep breathing.
  11. Acknowledge something difficult that you have done, or that you are doing, even if it may not feel difficult to others. Congratulate yourself for it.
  12. Stretch.
  13. Ask for help when you need it. It sounds simple, but not asking for help and trying to accomplish everything yourself, or ignoring areas where you need assistance, causes stress and anxiety for many people.
  14. Finish this sentence: “I love myself because ______________.” Do this once per day, with a new ending each time.
  15. Get a massage!

Massage Therapy can support you in meeting or complimenting many of your self-care goals. At Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay, our staff of knowledgeable and trained professionals will work with you to create a treatment plan to address your wellness goals.
If you would like to add massage to your self-care this Summer, you may contact us to schedule your next session, or click on Schedule Now.

Chair Massage at 9th Retreat in Jasper | Thumbs Up Mission | Keaton Franklin Coker Foundation | Gainesville, GA

LMTs Volunteer for a Day with the Thumbs Up Mission

hands“Great things are brought about and burdens lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

– Elder M. Russel Ballard


Licensed Massage Therapists often enter this field, at least in part, in an effort to help others. Whether it be in aiding with relaxation, assisting to decrease stress, helping in alleviating pain, or a combination of all the above, it is an honor and a joy to work with clients in promoting a better sense of health and wellness. It is a rare & wonderful opportunity, however, to be able to volunteer our skills and services to families of those battling with illnesses such as cancer.

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Why Should I Drink Water After a Massage?

Does Drinking Water After a MassageFlush Toxins?”

Why Should I drink Water After a Massage?If you have ever received a professional massage, you are likely to have heard from your massage therapist to “drink more water.” Perhaps you were even offered a small cup or a bottle of water to drink post-session. And there is no doubt – water is good for you! In fact, water makes up anywhere from 50-65% of the adult human body! Drinking water is necessary for survival!

But there are some thoughts, misconceptions & myths surrounding water consumption when it comes to massage.

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