LMTs Volunteer for a Day with the Thumbs Up Mission

hands“Great things are brought about and burdens lightened through the efforts of many hands anxiously engaged in a good cause.”

– Elder M. Russel Ballard


Licensed Massage Therapists often enter this field, at least in part, in an effort to help others. Whether it be in aiding with relaxation, assisting to decrease stress, helping in alleviating pain, or a combination of all the above, it is an honor and a joy to work with clients in promoting a better sense of health and wellness. It is a rare & wonderful opportunity, however, to be able to volunteer our skills and services to families of those battling with illnesses such as cancer.

Recently on a sunny, windy afternoon in the North Georgia Mountains, two of our Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay providers, Linda Stanley (owner) & Chasity Green, along with colleague Kelly Buddenhagen (of Humble Hands Massage), were given the occasion to work with an incredible group called the Thumbs Up Mission. The Thumbs Up Mission fights fear by creating hope and laughter for families in which a parent or child is battling cancer.

Logo| Thumbs Up Mission | Keaton Franklin Coker Foundation | Gainesville, GA“Our mission is to come alongside families in an effort to make memories that transcend time. We seek to encourage and strengthen families with school-aged children where a parent or child has cancer. Our focus is to battle fear by infusing hope, inspiring laughter, and instilling an eternal perspective in each family we serve.”

– Thumbs Up Mission

Tracey Curtin, new Volunteer Coordinator, contacted our office last month to ask if we would be willing to provide Chair Massage to families on Saturday, April 28th, during their 9th Retreat at Sharptop Cove in Jasper, and we happily agreed! Chair Massage was offered to patients battling cancer, as well as to their family members. The massages were provided on a nice wooden deck where families could enjoy the sunshine and cool breezes. In all, over 30 total massages were given to those on the retreat. As a thank you, our volunteers were each gifted with a canvas bag, containing a coffee mug and a thermos, all with “Thumbs Up Mission – Infusing Hope Since 2014” printed on them.


It was a great honor to spend this time helping to provide relaxation and comfort to these families. We look forward to any opportunity to work with these wonderful people again in the future. We are all very thankful to have been a part of this retreat and everything that the Thumbs Up Mission stands for!

Why Should I Drink Water After a Massage?

Does Water After a Massage “Flush Toxins?”

Why Should I drink Water After a Massage?If you have ever received a professional massage, you are likely to have heard from your massage therapist to “drink more water.” Perhaps you were even offered a small cup or a bottle of water to drink post-session. And there is no doubt – water is good for you! In fact, water makes up anywhere from 50-65% of the adult human body! Drinking water is necessary for survival!

But there are some thoughts, misconceptions & myths surrounding water consumption when it comes to massage.

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