Other Services & Providers

Other Services offered include:
Acupuncture, Facial/Esthetician Services, and Reiki, as well as use of our Massage Chair or Sauna

Blue Teal DotAcupuncture –

Deanna Stennett, L.Ac., MA

Deanna Stennett, L.Ac., MADeanna is a Georgia licensed acupuncturist, and Nationally Certified by the NCCAOM. Deanna has been in practice since 1993, and has worked in Florida and Maryland. While in Maryland, she was on the faculty of Maryland University of Integrative Health (formerly Tai Sophia Institute) as a clinical supervisor as well as a didactic profess in the Acupuncture Department for 20 years.

Deanna studied with the esteemed Professor J.R. Worsley who is known for bringing Five-Element Acupuncture to western culture. Ms. Stennett practices both Five-Element Acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine based on what each individual patient needs. Passionate about patients being their best and healthiest selves, Deanna has continued her education throughout the years to acquire the skills and healing presence to facilitate deep and long lasting results.

Deanna loves animals, nature and art, believing that we are part of nature and works of art ourselves.



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Blue Teal Dot Facials/Esthetician Services –

Mary Ann Henson, Master Cosmetologist

Mary Ann has been Licensed as a Master Cosmetologist for 16 years, with a degree from Appalachian Technical College. She has owned her own business for 15 years, and owned a salon in Ellijay cutting & styling hair. 

Mary Ann will be offering a Basic Facial, Microdermabrasion, Waxing, and Back Facials.

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– GA License # CO100080
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Blue Teal DotReiki –

Tammy Vance-Eagleson RMT, D.D., LC, SC, DMETA 

Tammy - Reiki

“My name is Tammy Vance-Eagleson.
I am a Reiki Master practitioner, and teacher. 
I am a member of the International Association Of Reiki Professionals, 
and I am affiliated with the International Center For Reiki Training. 

I have worked with clients all over the world. I absolutely love what I do. 
I feel so incredibly grateful to have the privilege to provide Reiki to others. 

I have provided Reiki to cancer patients, pre/post surgical patients, animals, expecting parents, infants, those on the autism spectrum, those with ADD/ADHD, those with OCD, those with dementia and their families, hospice patients, nursing home residents, those with depression, those with anxiety, and so many more.
It is such a joy to help bring a peaceful state of mind, and overall calming to others. The life challenges we all face can sometimes become overwhelming. 
It’s wonderful for me to help you to quiet your mind, and help you relax. 
I am here to help you, and help bring peace into your life.”

  In-Office Prices begin as follows :
30 minute sessions ($80)
60 minute session ($100)
90 minute session ($150)
Tammy will be available for appointments at our facility 
Monday through Friday – 2 PM until CLOSING 
and Saturdays – 9 AM until CLOSING

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Blue Teal Dot Sauna in Comfort

A great addition to your massage session, or as a stand-alone treatment.

SaunaLay down and relax in our new Professional Grade, Far Infrared Sauna Dome with Therapeutic Stones
and Zero EMF Technology.
Now Available! –
30 Minutes for Just $25!
Walk-Ins Welcome

Blue Teal Dot Zero Gravity Massage Chair

Can’t find the time to schedule a full session?

Want/Need to Relax NOW?!

Now Available – 15 Minutes for Just $10!

Includes a Heat Option, Foot Rollers, & Full Body Head-to-Toe Massage. Walk-ins Welcome!