Managing Post-COVID Syndrome Symptoms

Symptoms and Conditions Post-Covid may be just as debilitating (or more so) than the active virus itself. Doctors are seeing cases of POTS, Dysautonomia, and heart/blood pressure issues post-Covid, even in patients who had mild cases or who were asymptomatic. Occasions of Post-Covid Syndrome may be more severe and long-lasting in patients (even those who were vaccinated), if they had pre-existing conditions of illnesses such as chronic migraine, IBS, and fibromyalgia.

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While symptoms can be scary and troubling, and continue weeks or even months after fighting off active infection, there ARE ways to manage and decrease symptoms towards recovery.

Massage Therapy & Bodywork

Massage Therapy may be able to help in decreasing your symptoms.

According to, “‘Massage is good for circulation, which helps these issues (breathing issues, sinus pressure, and overall weakness) while also relieving the stress associated with long-haul COVID.’”

Receiving massage therapy after fighting off the virus gives your nervous system the opportunity to rest and calm down, potentially reducing inflammation, temporarily lowering blood pressure, decreasing the pain response, and relieving tension. Modalities such as gentle chiropractic and acupuncture may be beneficial as well.

(Please do not schedule a massage if you are experiencing any signs of having the actual virus, or any other active contagious illness, such as fever, nausea and vomiting, etc.)

Gentle Exercise

Consistent activities such as Mild-to-Moderate Walking, Yoga, Tai Chi, Stationary Bike, Gentle Stretching, Deep Breathing Exercises and Meditation, may also help. If 30-40 minutes of movement a day is too much for you or seems unachievable, try walking in place during commercial breaks, or splitting your exercise into 5 minute increments throughout the day.

Exercise can also aid in sleep. Studies show that regular exercise helps in falling asleep more quickly, as well as improving quality of sleep. And getting the recommended 7-10 hours of sleep a night (8 on average), helps the body and mind to recover from the day’s activities, recharges our energy, and boosts our immune system.

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Ginger Lemon Tea

Ginger Lemon Tea may be beneficial as well, and has been shown to lower inflammation, decrease or eliminate nausea and vomiting, ease headaches and muscles aches, improve heart health and circulation, and more! Aim to drink at least 30ml twice a day.
(View more information and a Recipe for Ginger Lemon Tea from Healthline HERE.)

Vitamins, Supplements & Medications

Vitamins and Supplements may help in heart health, immunity, lowering inflammation, and more. These include, but aren’t limited to, Vitamin B Complex, Vitamin B2, Vitamins C & D, and Magnesium. Turmeric may be helpful in treating symptoms as well. And many doctors are prescribing Beta Blockers for hypertension, tachycardia, and POTS.


Other advice that be be helpful includes increasing water consumption, limiting or eliminating caffeine intake, reducing salt, and sticking to a Whole Food Plant Based diet. Berries, for example, can help in fighting inflammation. And Potassium, found in foods such as potato, avocado, and bananas, can aid in heart health. Making these changes to eating & drinking habits may have other benefits as well, such as decreasing heartburn, headaches, myofascial pain and cancer risk, and managing high blood pressure or diabetes.

In Summary

The idea is to lower the inflammation and “fight or flight” response, while increasing lung capacity and heart health.

We hope these ideas are beneficial to you. And if you are experiencing this or any other issues post-Covid, know that you are not alone.

(Information shared from several healthcare sources, including local doctors. Please make sure to inquire with your physician about symptoms & medications, and always ask your doctor before starting and new supplements, diets, exercise programs or other treatments.)


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