How We Utilize Hygienic & Sanitary Massage Therapy Practice EVERY Day

If you have ever received a massage before, and even if you haven’t, it should be obvious that Massage Therapy is a profession of touch.

In the midst of the Coronoa Virus panic right in the middle of Cold & Flu Season, many of our clients may be wondering how we utilize hygienic & sanitary Massage Therapy Practices EVERY Day.

Below is a list of the steps and standard precautions we take to ensure a safe Massage Therapy practice; these practices are utilized to both protect the massage therapist from infection and to assist in preventing the spread of infection among clients.

General Hygiene:

Our Massage Therapists are expected to practice exceptional General Hygiene each & every day. This includes (but is not limited to) regular hand washing (especially after eating, after using the bathroom facilities, and before and after each session with each and every client). Our Massage Therapists are also expected to wash their hands after touching their face & hair. Hand washing follows a strict 6-step protocol to ensure proper sanitation. Hand sanitizer may also be utilized during massage sessions and throughout the day, following a 3-step protocol.

Additionally, we keep our hair short and/or tied back and away from our face, and keep nails cut and trimmed short. Other general hygienic measures are taken as often as possible to keep us clean and professional in appearance and in practice.

Clean Linens for Each Massage:

After each and every massage, our Massage Therapists change the massage tables and head rest covers, and replace the used linens with clean ones. Our sheets, headrest covers, and blankets are all washed and sanitized on a regular and consistent basis, changed out after every single session. If towels, rags, pillow cases or other lines are used during a session, they are changed out and replaced with fresh clean ones, as well. Additionally, once a week (or more often as necessary), ALL linens (whether used or not) are stripped from tables and replaced with clean linens; these include linens never touched by clients, such as the fitted sheets underneath table warmers and the padded headrest covers underneath the headrest cover clients rest their face in.

Disinfecting & Sanitizing:

Every day our Massage Tables are regularly wiped down & disinfected, along with stools, bolsters, head rests, massage tools, and any other hard surfaces in the massage room or office. This is done at the beginning of the day, end of the day, and in between clients as necessary. A general clean is performed at LEAST once a day of the whole office, with a deeper clean being performed at least twice a week – this includes reception area, each treatment room, bathrooms, break room, and offices. Hard surfaces are thoroughly wiped down with disinfectant, and Lysol or other similar disinfectant spray is used on other surfaces that cannot be wiped down, such as chairs. Door knobs, light switches, etc. are all cleaned with a disinfectant on a regular basis as well.

Regular Office Cleaning:

Our entire office, as stated above, is cleaned thoroughly at least once or twice a week, with treatment rooms and general cleaning being done continuously throughout the day. Along with sanitizing and disinfecting, we regularly vacuum, empty trash, and perform other tasks to keep the office clean, professional and inviting, and to minimize the spread of viruses and bacteria.

Using Disposable Gloves When Appropriate:

Disposable Gloves may be used when a client or a Massage Therapist has open sores, a rash (even if non-contagious if sores are evident), or other skin issues that are either contagious or that would highly increase the risk of spreading germs or contributing to infection. Disposable gloves are removed & disposed of promptly after use, and hands are resanitized.

Not Massaging When Ill:

Our Massage Therapists do not provide Massage Therapy Services or enter the Massage Therapy Office if they are known or suspected to be ill. At the first sign(s) of illness, our providers cancel and/or reschedule sessions with clients and the sick Massage Therapist goes home, or stays there if they have not yet come in for the day.

If a client is known and suspected to be ill, the client WILL be expected to let their provider know, and to either cancel or reschedule their massage for a later date. We ask that all clients do NOT come into the office if the are ill or think they may be.

We strongly DO encourage ALL clients and Massage Therapists to receive regular health care, both traditional and alternative. To take steps themselves towards good hygienic practices. And to take any and all steps necessary to remain in as good Health and Wellness as possible.

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