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Your Winter Warmup: Warm Up This Winter Season & Relax with Massage

This time of year in the North Georgia Mountains often brings with it icy-cold freezing temperatures and harsh winds. Lower temperatures, increased humidity, and chilly breezes can leave skin feeling cracked and dry, while persuading you to stay layered and snug! Indeed,we have had some below-freezing temperatures as of late! The Holidays can also bring with it added business and stress that may leave you feeling ragged andanything less than “cheery”.

Stay warm and relax this Holiday Season with Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay! These Add-On Services & Special Offers are sure to warm-up and enhance your Winter!!!

  • Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment – Cold Hands, Warm Heart? Perhaps… But we would understand if you’re still looking to warm up your hands and soothe cracking and drying skin this season… Our Paraffin Wax Hand Treatment can help do just that. Dip your hands into a warmed Lavender Paraffin Wax Bath. Hands are dipped several times to form a warmed layer, then placed into gloves to hold the heat. After the wax is cooled, the gloves and paraffin are removed, leaving skin silky soft and feeling amazing! Also great for tired and achy or arthritic hands!

         Just $15 as an Add-On Service to your Regularly Scheduled Session.

  • Warm Blankets – Table warmers and/or extra blankets make your session feel extra snug and comfy. The added weight of an extra blanket may also aid in reducing stress and facilitating feelings of calm and relaxation. It only helps that our blankets are often soft and fluffy!
  • Heat Packs – Got cold feet about visiting family this Christmas? If heated blankets just aren’t enough to warm chilly fingers or toes, ask about adding a heat pack, as a free Add-On to your Session! Beaded Cloth Heat Packs are warmed for a few minutes, and then placed in hands and/or at the feet to provide feelings of warmth and relaxation. May also be placed on the low back to soothe tense muscles and relieve muscle aches.
  • Aromatherapy – Essential oils such as cinnamon, clove and peppermint are said to have such benefits as reducing pain, relieving stress and increasing circulation. Scents such as Citrus can increase feelings of joy and peace while increasing alertness and concentration. These fragrances, lightly combined and diffused into the air, provide a wonderful Holiday atmosphere. Applied topically, they may benefit in complimenting and enhancing the effects of your massage.
  • Increased Circulation – Warm up your muscles and feel relaxed with a deep-tissue or Swedish massage.

Holiday Special - Couples Massage | Massage Therapy | Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay | Ellijay Georgia (GA) 30540

  • Couple’s Special – What better way to feel the love and spread the Joy of the Season?Couples Receive a One-Hour Massage Session for just $100! That’s a $20 Savings! Relax and Unwind with your favorite person this Holiday Season!
  • Share the Warmth of the Season with Holiday Gift Certificates – Give the Gift of Massage! Perfect as a stocking-stuffer or tucked among tree branches, it’s the perfect gift to give this holiday season! Purchase in-office during business hours, now through December 31st!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

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(**Specials and Offers valid at Heaven Sent Massage of Ellijay only. Not to be combined with the Wellness Program or any other discount or Offer. Prices subject to change. Take advantage of these Add-On Services and Offers while they last!) 

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